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Society for Materials Knowledge

The “Bond voor Materialenkennis” (Society for Materials Knowledge) is a networking group with experts in the field of materials science and technology.
Our members are researchers and technicians working at universities, research organisations and companies in The Netherlands and Belgium. Our goal is to transfer knowledge on science, processing and application of materials, to help solving problems within and outside the materials field.

The Bond has approximately 800 members, and is active in the following fields:   

* Metals
* Polymers
* Ceramics
* Carbon composites
* Biobased materials 
* Paint technology 
* Corrosion 
* Joining 
* Materials processing using lasers 
* Rheology 
* Tribology 
* Heat treatment (of metals)
* Durability and reliability 

The Bond promotes research and transfers knowledge through meetings (over 30x each year), the "meeting materials" conferences, scientific/technological publications, the yearbook, our digital newsletter and our website www.bondvoormaterialenkennis.nl

The Bond voor Materialenkennis is proud member of 



Click here for a PDF document, retrieved from our Yearbook 2013-2014, with more extensive information about the Society in the English language.

For further information or a membership of the Bond, please contact:
Bond voor Materialenkennis

Van der Burghweg 1
2628 CS Delft
the Netherlands

Tel: +31 6 2714 5211 (secretary)
Nieuwe website: www.bondvoormaterialenkennis.nl